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A Star from Bookpage for Itty Bitty Betty Blob, by Constance Lombardo, illustrated by Micah Player!

28 May 2024

Bookpage has given a starred review for Itty Bitty Betty Blob (Hippo Park) by Constance Lombardo, illustrated by Micah Player.

The review says  “Constance Lombaro’s straightforward, sweetly witty prose will have readers rooting for Betty as well as nervously holding their breath on her behalf as she dares to embrace being different. Micah Player’s boldly drawn, emotion-infused illustrations expertly embody everything from Ghoultington Academy’s imposing gothic architecture to the puffs’ extreme cuteness and manic energy. There are a lot of fun little details for itty bitty bibliophiles to discover upon rereads too. Itty Bitty Betty Blob’s nicely balanced combination of humor, emotion and inspiration makes it an absolute treat of a read—a warm and wonderful reminder to celebrate our differences and dare to share joy with others.”

Here is more praise for Itty Bitty Betty Blob!

“Children will enjoy the humor…and will be heartened by Betty’s willingness to embrace what makes her different…A light touch delivers an increasingly common but important message.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A ‘sweet-tempered be-yourself’ tale.” —Publishers Weekly

“Itty Bitty Betty Blob is not your typical monster, being a small, round pink creature who loves rainbows, flowers, dancing, and singing…Most of the illustrations are in black, white, and gray, whereas Betty appears pink in several pictures. Humorous artwork reveals Betty’s body flattening out during sleep, shower time, and while sliding under a log in the forest. Youngsters will get a kick out of this latest tale about just being yourself.” —Booklist

Itty Bitty Betty Blob will be published June 6, 2024. Pre order it here