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Elise Gravel’s Disgusting Creatures Book Series Earn Acclaim

28 Feb 2014

thefly_thewormThe first two books in Elise’s Disgusting Creatures series, The Worm and The Fly, come out this month. Both books have earned acclaim for their comical mix of educational and entertaining grossness!

Praise for The Worm:

“Gravel presented a perfect sequence of fascinating facts with a delicate dash of icky…. It’s part of a series and we’re hoping the other books are just as good.”
The Globe and Mail

“The boldly colored cartoons and handwritten display fonts make this a very appealing package . . . Gravel tightrope-walks the line between gross and funny.”
Publishers Weekly


Praise for The Fly:

“Young readers will at least come away with a thorough understanding of how unsanitary these insects are and also, perhaps, clearer pictures of their physical makeup, life cycle and even some of the differences among fly species. Gross-out potential, for sure–but also likely to give larval entomologists a mild buzz.”
— Kirkus