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From My Head to My Toes, illustrated by Bea Jackson makes the NYT Best Seller List!

15 Apr 2024

From My Head to My Toes (Henry Holt) by Aly Raisman, illustrated by Bea Jackson has debuted at #7 on the New York Times Chidlren’s Books Best Seller list!

The book is a joyful ode to loving and caring for our bodies, from Olympic gold medalist and advocate Aly Raisman and bestselling artist Bea Jackson.

My body is my own.
My body is just right for me,
From my head to my toes

From My Head to My Toes gently introduces young readers to the topics of consent and bodily autonomy in a positive way. Cheerful and informative, this story focuses on the powerful message of self-love. Aly’s inspiring words are paired with expert-vetted resources, giving adults the tools to begin having these essential conversations with kids from a young age.

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