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A Starred Review from School Library Journal for The Goblin Twins, illustrated by Jaime Kim

24 May 2023

School Library Journal has given a starred review to The Goblin Twins (Crown) by Frances Cha, illustrated by Jaime Kim

See the full review below:

K-Gr 2–At 601 years old, Doki and Kebi are considered babies to the other dokkaebi, a cross between a goblin and spirit with a penchant for tricking humans. Despite the fact that they are twins, the pair could not be more different. For instance, Doki is averse to frightening people, much preferring to give them gifts of gold or silver and enjoy his three abandoned books. Kebi, meanwhile, arguably adores frightening people a bit too much. After learning that they must leave their home, Kebi resists moving into graveyards with their fellow dokkaebi and insists that they find the most haunted house in New York City. They leave Seoul, searching high and low for the perfect home and eventually find a dwelling that is perfectly suited to both of their tastes. Then they prepare for Halloween. The story’s comical conclusion is a frightful delight as the duo participate in the holiday. Cha’s writing is excellently paced and entertaining, while the digital illustrations are filled with bright colors and bring the charming characters to life. A concluding author’s note describes the prominence of dokkaebi in Korean art, history, and folklore, dating back to 37 BCE. VERDICT. Doki and Kebi will find a home in any collection. ­Recommended for purchase.–Olivia Gorecke

The book will be on sale September 5, 2023

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