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School Library Journal loves Stop and Smell the Cookies illustrated by Micah Player

02 Aug 2022

School Library Journal has a great review for Stop and Smell the Cookies (Putnam) by Gibson Frazier, illustrated by Micah Player:

Dash doesn’t mean to mess up, but he just can’t help karate-chopping his grandma’s plate of cookies, blurting out the answer in class, and blowing out the candles on Cate’s birthday cake. Luckily Mom is on hand to help. She uses the scenarios in Dash’s bad day to help him remember a breathing and counting self-regulation technique whenever he feels the telltale warm and fuzzy feeling in his chest, tingling in his toes, and fingers starting to dance—breathe in the cookies, blow out the candle, and count to 100. In his debut picture book Frazier addresses the important and much-needed topic of self-control. The language is simple, and the story rolls out examples that kids can relate to and understand; readers will identify with Dash, even if his mother’s pointing him toward the answers feels didactic. The brightly colored pages with strong black lines create friendly, cartoony illustrations that invite viewers in. Dash and his family have very light brown skin and black hair in tight curls (except Noni, who has braids). A variety of skin tones is used for secondary characters. This is an important issue, tautly articulated and addressed. ­VERDICT A good purchase for most collections, as stories about self-regulation are few and far ­between.

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