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The Aquanaut , illustrated by Jaime Kim, is getting rave reviews!

19 Jan 2021

The Aquanaut (Tundra Books) by Jill Heinerth, illustrated by Jaime Kim was released on January 19 2021 and is already garnering accolades.

Scuba News says Jaime Kim’s luminous art transports readers back and forth through time to see how Jill’s imagination as a young girl laid the pathway to her accomplishments and experiences as an underwater explorer.

Mutually Inclusive Books says “The illustrations in this book are absolute perfection! Somehow Jaime Kim perfectly captures the comparisons of Young Jill’s dreams and Adult Jill’s achievements, while simultaneously creating the perfect calming atmosphere for young readers to reflect on their own dreams. It’s genius!”

Also of interest is the author’s article in Canadian Graphic.

Congratulations Jaime!

You can get the book here