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Praise for Vanessa Brantley Newton’s Just Like Me

18 Feb 2020

Vanessa Brantley Newton recently spoke with the Nerdy Book Club about her bestselling book Just Like Me, saying that she hopes “that when little girls get this book they will see themselves in every poem or at least read something that will connect with them.” She was also invited by The Embrace Girls Foundation to discuss the importance of the book, and to spend the day storytelling and drawing with the girls there.

Vanessa’s hopes for her book to be inclusive and celebratory have been achieved, as Bookriot’s review of Just Like Me says, “This is a book that celebrates being who you are in whatever shape that may be.” Praise also came from Publisher’s Weekly, who called it “thoughtful, inclusive, and celebratory.” Likewise, Kirkus says the book displays “A dynamic, uplifting, and welcoming world of girls.” Congrats, Vanessa, and thank you for creating such a magical and important book! 


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Just Like Me is available for purchase online at the link here.