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My Pet Wants a Pet Illust. by Eric Barclay Named Best Picture Book of 2018 by Parents’ Magazine

09 Nov 2018

Eric Barclay’s adorably illustrated book, My Pet Wants a Pet, is featured on  Parents’ Magazine’s 15 Best Children’s Books 2018 list, as 2018’s Best Picture Book. This esteemed list is selected by experts (and 75 kid testers) to give an accurate depiction of what the true best picture books of the year were and which will surely continue to be favorites in years to come. Written by Elise Broach, My Pet wants a Pet depicts every child’s-and pet’s- desire to have something to take care of. Critics call it “pure fun” – this book is sure to make you feel a little more love with its heartfelt story and charming illustrations!

Check out the full list here and make sure to get your own copy of My Pet Wants a Pet here.