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Book Trailer for La La La, Illus. by Jaime Kim, Premieres on Mr. Schu Reads Blog

10 Aug 2017

La La La, the forthcoming picture book written by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Jaime Kim, is receiving plenty of hype in advance of its October release. This nearly wordless picture book tells the story of a little girl seeking connection with the world through music. A book trailer (below) was recently released on the blog Mr. Schu Reads, along with interviews with Jaime and Kate.

Mr. Schu asks Kate and Jaime about their inspirations for the story, as well as some of the challenges and joys of creating a nearly wordless book. Jaime shares that her inspiration for the adorable little girl protagonist came from a combination of her childhood self and her memories of her younger sister as a child. She also describes her challenges in illustrating Kate’s brief text, saying that despite the lack of words, she could sense there was a lot beneath the surface, inspiring her to make her illustrations as beautiful and detailed as possible.

The interviews with Kate and Jaime are available here and hereLa La La will be released in October, but if you just can’t wait for this exciting and unique new story, you can pre-order it here.