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Timeless Thomas, by Gene Barretta

15 Jul 2014


Geekwrapped’s List of 100 Science Books for Kids Includes Five of Our Artists’ Books

April 24, 2017

Geekwrapped, a website that recommends gifts for the geeks and science enthusiasts in your life, recently compiled a list of one hundred best science books for children. Five of our author and illustrator’s books were included on this list, including three written and illustrated by Gene Barretta! These books included…

Geekwrapped’s full list of science books for children can be found here.

Gene Barretta’s Timeless Thomas Makes Scholastic Parent & Child’s List “We the People!”

July 15, 2014

Timeless Thomas, by Gene Barretta, was included on We the People! Scholastic Parent & Child’s list of Great American Picture Book Biographies. The books selected for the list, according to Scholastic Parent & Child, “aren’t just books that share facts; they will immerse the reader into the amazing lives and choices that these men and women made.” Timeless Thomas certainly fits the bill! In humorous cartoon illustrations, Gene presents the inventions of Thomas Edison in side-by-side comparisons with their modern counterparts, creating a fun and memorable learning experience.

Timeless Thomas Reviewed in The New York Times

 July 2012

Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives, written and illustrated by Gene Barretta, received a glowing write-up in the New York Times and a Kirkus starred review!