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Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day by Sarah Dillard is available now

08 Oct 2014

extraordinary-warren-saves-the-day-9781481403528_lgThe delightful follow up to Sarah Dillard’s Extraordinary Warren is now available from Aladdin books at Simon & Schuster. Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day reunites readers with the eponymous chicken and his new sidekick, Egg, as they embark on another quirky adventure that combines imaginative storytelling with eye-catching art.

In this installment, super-chicken Warren is thrilled to get a sidekick – Egg is newly hatched, very curious, and asks a lot of questions. When Warren tells him about his dream to fly all over the world – and even to the moon – Egg is enchanted.

The next day, Egg gets up before everybody else and decides to try out flying for himself. Amazingly, he takes off and flies through the air, but ends up going where no chicken has gone before: across the road.

When Warren eventually realizes Egg is missing, he searches high and low for his new friend until it appears there’s only one way he could’ve gone. With Egg missing and presumably helpless, however, it’s up to Warren to use his extraordinary powers to find him, even if it involves… crossing the road.

Described in a Kirkus review as “charming” and where “almost every page has a small, lovely moment”, Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day will captivate readers and serves as a quality addition to Dillard’s series.

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